Melion (sometimes credited as Melion Music,) is an R&B/Soul/pop artist currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. With influences such as Boyz II Men, the late and greats Whitney Houston, and Nat King Cole, as well as Johnny Gill, it’s no surprise, the impact he has had and continues to have on the music industry.

Born Lateef Melion Bundy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he spent some of his childhood in foster care. Music has always been a constant for Melion who used it as an outlet to stay out of trouble. Growing up, he got the opportunity to travel across America, which some might say got him ready for the touring aspect of a music career.

It was during a difficult time in his teenage years, that compelled him to sign his first independent label deal with Carolina Music Group, (now Rich Nation Entertainment,) which is backed by major distribution. It was then that his career began to flourish when he started touring the world. Although Melion still works with the label, he has ambitions of developing and maintaining his own label. He also aspires to branch out into different areas of the entertainment industry.

Melion has always strived to set himself apart in the music industry in areas such as songwriting, vocal production, and engineering, by crafting songs that have a New School sound with an Old School vibe which has always been popular with his audiences, especially his female audience. He has even been called the modern-day Frank Sinatra of R&B. His talents have afforded him the opportunity to work with artists such as JoJo, Remi Ma, Paris Hilton, and many more.

Music is Melion’s life and passion. The only thing he fears is leaving this earth before he gets to share his God-given gift with the masses.

Independent music discovery platform ReverbNation continuously ranks Melion #1 on the R&B/Soul chart for Metro Atlanta. Get acquainted with this uniquely talented artist.